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Titans Remove Vince Young Picture From LP Field

With Jeff Fisher out of the picture for the Titans, there were whispers going around about whether the Titans, and namely owner Bud Adams, would change their mind about their beleaguered and downtrodden QB Vince Young. For those of you not up to speed, Titans management met after the season to decide, at least at the time, between Fisher and Young, as it had become perfectly clear the two couldn't co-exist. They chose Fisher.

Now, with Fisher out of the picture, the door could have been open to Young returning to the team (even though he officially hasn't left yet). I think the Titans made a definitive statement on that issue today, when construction crews were seen removing the giant picture of Young that was seen outside LP Field. I'm guessing they wanted to make it perfectly clear what their plans are for Young.

I think I'll call this matter 98% over. I can't go 100%, because Adams is a crazy old coot, and I wouldn't put it past him to hire a coach who is in love with Young, like Adams is, and they keep him on the roster, despite some big contract escalations. What a crazy division the Colts play in.