Rumor: Caldwell smiles. Does that mean he’s not a Terminator sent back in time to destroy the Colts? UPDATED!

We can't ignore anymore what all of us know to be a clear certitude. Jim Caldwell is unquestionable a Terminator, and fellow Colts fans, he wants to destroy your beloved team! I'm taking a big risk here but the evidence is overwhelming.

When asked, Kavell Conner replied, "I'm safe he knows my name is Kavell not John besides no black man not named Will Smith can save the world, everybody knows that. You should ask John Conner the FB for the Jets. John Conner's response. "What's he asking about? What did he say? Wait, who's Jim Caldwell? The coach?" See how he pretended not to know Caldwell. 100% absolute proof.

Here's a quote from Peyton Manning

No he is definitely not a Terminator. That's absurd, Terminators are fictitious and only exist in the movies.

See that folks. The way he said "defiantly not a Terminator" he's definitely hiding something there. That swoosh you just heard, that was the curtain being pulled and the truth was revealed.

Caldwell commenting on the issue.

"He's a very unusual person that has physical gifts and he also has great intellectual gifts. He has a memory that, without question, is sharp as one could have. He rarely forgets anything and he can recall things from eons back. But that helps him, I think, just in terms of being the detail-oriented person that he is. He's able to maximize his study and preparation for our opponents."

If that isn't a Terminator talking, then there is no such thing as Terminators.

When we ask Polian about the rumor he remained tight-lipped and uttered only this cryptic response.

"Get out of my face you dirty meddlesome blogger the only thing worse than bloggers is those mindless Colts fans. God I really hate Colts fans. Frickin' retards. What kind of namby pamby tweety bird name is NOCUDDLEOFFENSE anyway? What are you some kind of funny guy? Sounds to me like Mommy didn't hug you enough when you we‘re a weak little sniveling snotbag. Whah whah whah cry baby cry."

We may never get a strait answer out of The Great Assmunch.

Just hours ago, Mike Florio drop this nugget on us.

I can say this, there's never been proof that he's not a Terminator.

There it is! Florio obviously thinks Caldwell is a Terminator. And we all know, Florio is never ever wrong, not ever, not in a million years.

Couldn't get a quote from Dan Dierdorf. He's still explaining Peyton Manning went down to avoid the hit...He'll never make the connection that PM was running the clock out.

Now we know why Brock asked for his release, didn't want to be terminated.
I'm a realist and the reality is JC is a Terminator. He's bent on destroying the Colts. This is a cold hard fact. Every one knows it but are too frightened to write about it. Again, just my opinion.

Perhaps the most conclusive evidence come from the hit 2003 film Anchorman, The Legend of Ron Burgundy. I know you remember the Steve Carell line "I love lamp." Now say it slow. Now say it backwards. Yep you heard it right. "Jim Caldwell is a Terminator sent back form future to destroy the Indianapolis Colts."

It pains me to be the one to break it to you Colts Nation. I hate being right but its official Jim Caldwell is indeed a Terminator sent back from future to destroy the Colts.

I'm not writing this to make friends, I'm an idealist, mounted atop the truth, riding the horse of absolute fact, galloping down the path of forever. It is my duty to hold Jim Caldwell accountable.

I know you guys are gonna crucify me for this but I'm just a fan posting my opinion. So sue me you puke faced sycophantic moron kissing idiots. I'm not a journalist, nor do I pretend to be one. My opinions are cold hard facts, suck on it jerks. There is nothing to debate here. Don't even try.


Irsay tweets

just Stuck corncobs in my ears TWeeTTWeeT Im a litL songbird the waitress B lickN me face. Colts will flatten Jets into planes!

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