Bill Pollian

Bill Pollian is one of the better GMs in football, maybe the best. Many people, not just BBS, have complained about Jerry Hughes, Terrance Taylor, 1 SB, ect. Let's just be real for two shakes and just break down some of the actions that's being called into question, after the jump.

Let's start with the more popular, cut Raheem Brock decision. Let's be real, he sucked the majority of games. Some still might have fond memories of him, but go back to the SB when Freeney came out, and orck came in, they doubled mathis and singled everyone else, including Brock. I don't even remember him oncee getting in Brees face, not once. It wasn't old news though, he just wasn't that good for us and couldn't get much pressure. I'm not saying he was always bad, but the last year he was here, you could tell when Freeney was out... Then comes the offseason and Brock wants cut. We granted his wish, and he's done good for the hawks. Can anyone tell me why there was any reason to keep a somewhat highly paid 3rd rusher who couldn't rush for us? hm? We saved money on an aging DE, and he was gone. I'm not sure if Brock's success has anything to do with the lack of a GOOD LT or RT in their division, and that the Seahawks blitz more then we do and Brock gets more opritunities with confused linemen, or it's just a better fit for him, but nothing at all led us to believe Brock had any value whatso ever. He sucked for us, now he's good elsewhere, there's no proof that he would've done better or worse, just that probably with his age he'd probably would be the same, and that wasn't very good.

Hughes vs. Saffold, If any of you who read my Colts and young talent series, I already covered this. Jerry Hughes is a project. Countless good even great DE took a year or two to break out and play to their full potential. Kyle Vanden Bocsh, Calais Campbell, and Aaron Kampman just to name a few, but I could find multiple guys just like that. And also, no one comes into the NFL as a great player. No one. Players need to develop for them to become great, and beyond. Knocking on young players and rookies just because they arn't putting up large numbers, or totally changing our team. It takes 3 years to judge a draft usually, and that's usually where we can tell on which path is the player headed. First year can totally be useless on deciding that, ask Ugoh, Jerry Rice(he had the dropsies for awhile when he was young, was just fast and made great plays sometimes, sound familiar?) and even P.Manning, 28 picks as a rookie usually isn't good, even with 26 TDs.

Lastly, for those who complain about our roster, lets look at the week 1 depth chart shall we?

QB: P. Manning, Curtis Painter

HB: J. Addai, Donald Brown, Mike Hart, Devin Moore

WR: Reggie Wayne, Pierre Garcon, Austin Collie, Gonzo, Blair White

TE: Clark, Santi(if he wasn't on IR), Tamme, Eldridge

LT: C. Johnson, Linkenbach

LG: J.Rich, Devan

C: Saturday, Pollack

RG: Pollack

RT: Diem, Thomas (sorry site where found depth chart scetchy on OL and DL)

LE Robert Mathis Eric Foster Jerry Hughes

LT Dan Muir Ricardo Mathews

RT Antonio Johnson Fili Moala

RE Dwight Freeney Keyunta Dawson

LLB: Wheeler, Angerer

MLB: Brackett, Angerer

RLB: Session. Conner

CB: Hayden, Powers, Lacey, Tryon, Thomas(was put on IR, but would be here somewhere, no idea if he's good or not)

FS: Bethea, King

SS: Sanders, Bullitt, Newton(PS)


K: Vinny

That you guys probably know, want to know how many could play every game? 20. 19 if you don't count Pat's suspension. Pollian can't be blamed for about half the roster being injured.

That's most of the problems that people have with Bill, any more just comment. And, yeah he's somewhat of a jerk, but so is bilicheck, but he wins.

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