Perfect Playoff Possibilities?

The stars are lining up this post-season for our Colts. Our beloved Colts have an opportunity to exorcize nearly all their demons from the naughties ('00s) in this one post-season.

  • The Colts can exact revenge on the NY Jets (again) for 2002 41-0 playoff blowout.
  • Then, the Colts have the opportunity to bash the Steelers in Pittsburgh as revenge for the Nick Harper stabbing/shoestring tackle/Vanderjagt wide right fiasco in 2005. (If you go way back as a fan, we owe the Steelers for that 1996 B/S too. You can't run out of the back of the endzone and then return in bounds eligible!!)
  • After that there's an opportunity to punch New England in the mouth in an AFC championship game in New England as we failed to do in 2003 and 2004.
  • If we are sooooo lucky the Saints could find themselves in the Superbowl and our Colts can even the score left unsettled last year by stomping those turds.
I say let's stick it to all these teams that have given me reason to drink hater-ade daily during the football season over the last decade.

Too bad we can't see San Diego. I'd like to drive that team into the sea...

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