Confidence level going into this postseason.

How do you feel about this team heading into this weekends matchup? How do this years Colts size up versus the Jets? After the jump let us all voice why this team will be heading to Pittsburgh the following week.

Im looking for some feedback from all of you as to where your level of confidence is ,this team heading into the postseason. Here is where I am at and what my expectations are for this year. I know al lot of us thought this team was dead to rights a little over a month ago. I too, was on that boat. I had some reserves and a glimpse of hope that this team would turn it around and make this season mean something. I am so proud that we were able to win the division. The thing I am most confident about heading into this postseason is.... you guessed it, our DEFENSE! Although our secondary had regressed in pass coverage, that can be negated when Freeney and Mathis turn it up late in the game when we need them the most. Time and time again we've seen this duo make a clutch strip sack or hurry a qb into throwing the ball away. While our pass defense has been suspect, the run defense has not only turned the corner but has looked downright dominant in the last month. Holding McFadden, CJohnson and Jones-Drew to some of their lowest rushing totals of the year has me pumped. I think that this trend will continue. The thing is, we've been able to do this on the road and at home. Stopping the run this postseason will be paramount. Our offense needs more possesions. The only way we get them is if we limit other teams time of possesion. I think we can consider that done and done. There are only a couple of recievers that I believe can hurt us in the AFC. Santonio Holmes will be a tough test this weekend. I am not worried about Braylon Edwards and with the way Gary Brackett is playing, Dustin Keller will be a non-factor. The Jets offense has struggled as of late. I believe with the way our defense is coming on strong, we can hold them to a maximum of 17 points. Can our offense put up 17+ points? The answer to that question is yes. Rex Ryan led defenses have always had trouble with Peyton Manning. Look to last years AFCCG. They kept fooling Manning in the first half until Peyton said enough and drop a beauty in to Collie which was the game changer. I remember sitting in Baltimore and watching Manning completely shred Rex's Ravens D. Gonzo caught a bomb for his first NFL touchdown. That game was over by halftime. Be assured. the Jets D will pose some fits early on but there will be a turning point when Peyton figures out what is going on and the game will be over very shortly after that. The Jets have added a corner to cover Garcon so it will be a big day for our platoon of RBs and Blair White/Jacob Tamme. The Jets run a pressure based unconventional defense. A precision timing style of offense is kryptonite for that style of D. Colts win this game 31-17.

We are heading to PIttsburgh for some revenge. Dont we owe it to the Steelers? To send them packing in a home playoff game? I think so. More on that after this weekend.

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