Key piece to the resurgent running game

Colts fans all over are more than happy to see the return of Joseph Addai to the starting lineup on offense. His ability to pick up blitzes and pass catching out of the back field have been sorely missed. But one person's return who's presence may be overlooked is rookie TE Brody Eldridge. The Colts have been better than "decent" on the ground the last four games. Coincidentally, Eldridge has been back in the lineup as well. Quietly, he has been an unsung hero in the recent success of the Colts running game. Surprisingly, he also has a pair of soft hands even though he was known in college as primarily a "blocking TE." Because of those two attributes Brody has the ability to be an X factor in the playoffs. Do you think Rex Ryan has a circle around his number or is watching game film of him? I doubt it seriously. Rex is focused on #18 as he should be. That's what makes this Jets/Colts matchup intriguing. The Colts no doubt will need every inch of their running game if they are to have any chance this Saturday against one of the league's best defenses. I wouldn't take too many shots at Derryl Revis or Antonio Chromartie with the WRs we have who are not named Reggie Wayne especially w/out a third option in Austin Collie. They are simply two of the best corners in the league. Brody's play will open up things for Tamme as well if the running game continues to be successful. Keep an eye on the rook and let's see what he brings this weekend.

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