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Wild Card Weekend Playoff Tickets- Jets V. Colts


With all the news this week about tickets leading up to today's Wild Card Weekend Playoff Game between the Jets and Colts, we thought we'd might make a quick post about SB Nation's new partner, TiqIQ.

Here is a single event link to today's game at Lucas Oil Stadium. If you are trying to get any remaining tickets that could be available, check out the link.

If you want to know what TiqIQ does, they aggregate all major sellers in the market so you can find the best deal. I guess it's kind of like a 'Priceline,' but for tickets. They break each venue up into TiqZones, which are groupings of sections that they've determined are comparable in value. If you are looking for tickets last minute, they tell us you should use their E-Ticket Filter.

Before you complete your sale you'll be able to tell exactly how much your tickets will cost including all service and shipping fees.

I often rant and rave against how expensive tickets are. So, any partnership that SB Nation gets with a company that can, potentially, get people cheaper tickets is a good thing.