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NFL Playoffs: Colts Inactives Against Jets

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From the boss himself, Jim Irsay:

Session, Diem, Richard, James, Afalava, Thomas, Reitz and Antonio Johnon.

No surprises save for Ryan Diem and Antonio Johnson. Between the two, Mookie Johnson is the biggest. Mookie is the Colts best interior run stuffer. If the run defense struggles today, we will know why. Daniel Muir is expected to play, and Muir has been terrible as season long. Hopefully, he can regain his form today against a VERY potent Jets offensive line.

Oh, and how many of you are amazed as to how well former-Colts players Raheem Brock (1 sack, FF) and Brandon Stokley (2 catches, 50 yards, 1 TD) are playing in the Seahawks v. Saints game? Seahawks are currently up 31-20.