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Bill Polian Blames Special Teams For Colts Loss, Praises Defense

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I've long since stop being surprised by post-game comments made by Colts president Bill Polian. While one must respect his impressive resume as a team builder, the fact is the man often some puzzling and, in many instances, downright STUPID things after Colts loses.

Tonight was no exception.

On 1070 The Fan, a local Indianapolis radio station, Bill Polian blamed the Colts special teams for, as Coltzilla's Laura Callaway states:

Polian blames special teams for giving up 3 or 4 plays that made the difference

But, when asked about the play of the Colts defense, which surrendered 169 yard rushing to the Jets along with a 53-second drive in the final minute that was capped by Nick Folk's game-winning field goal, Polian had this to say:

'I can't find nary a thing to complain about on defense.'

This is the same Bill Polian who needlessly threw his team's offensive line under the bus after the loss in Super Bowl 44.

While I'm sure some will scream and shout that I am a 'Polian hater' for calling attention to the idiocy of Polian's own words, the reality is that if Polian seriously believes his team's defense played well tonight, Jim Irsay needs to consider retiring the old man.