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Reggie Wayne: "I Was Irrelevant"

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The Colts rarely produce juicy post-game quotes, especially since -- let's face it -- players are so well-rehearsed for those postseason exit interviews.

Reggie Wayne, though, seems determined to give us something to talk about.  When Mike Chappell of 'The Indianapolis Star' approached him in the locker room, asking what he thought about his performance and matchup with shutdown corner Darrelle Revis (one reception for one yard), Wayne fumed:

"It's bull. It's bull, man," the five-time Pro Bowl receiver said after being a non-factor in the Indianapolis Colts' 17-16 loss to the New York Jets in Saturday night's AFC wild-card playoff game at Lucas Oil Stadium.

"I give everything I've got no matter what. Every day, I give it everything. And . . . one ball, that's all."

And as if there was any room for ambiguity there, Wayne continued:

More frustrating to Wayne was the fact quarterback Peyton Manning delivered only one pass in his direction.

"I shouldn't have even suited up," Wayne said. "I should have watched the game like everybody else. I was irrelevant."

Wow.  I understand post-game frustration, but those quotes are a bit extreme.  Revis locked down Wayne for the vast majority of the day, so if this was intended as a slight against Manning for not looking his direction, I'm not sure exactly where he's going with it.  Fact is, Wayne played on a bum knee for a good portion of the year and often struggled to gain separation from opposing cornerbacks.  He did earn a Pro Bowl nod in spite of the fact -- testament to his ability to play and play well through pain -- but I'm sure most fans would agree that it wasn't exactly Wayne's greatest year.

It appears Wayne is going to exit this season the same way he came into it, on rocky ground.