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NFL Playoffs: Jim Irsay Tweets That He Won't Point Fingers

This is a very interesting Tweet made last night by Colts owner Jim Irsay:

I am not throwing anyone under the bus 2nite in my organization..I support my guys n difficult times.We'll be back 2 fight another day!

Mind you, this is in stark contrast to what Irsay's employee, Bill Polian, did last night when he was critical of the Colts special teams while, strangely, praising the defense. And then there was Polian after Super Bowl 44, calling out his offensive line.

I'm certain that the Colts won't go through any major changes in terms of management or coaching heading into the 2011 offseason. But, that Tweet by Irsay was interesting given what we have seen the last few years by Polian.