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Jon Gruden To Become Colts Head Coach In One Month, Says Jason Whitlock

One has to love the timing of this prediction via's Jason Whitlock, a man who has always enjoyed attacking the Colts simply because they jettisoned his personal friend Jeff George way back in 1993 even though Jeff sort of, you know, sucked as a QB.

Anyway, here's Whitlock's prediction (which should be obvious given the article's title):

Prediction: Jon Gruden is named coach of the Colts within a month. Manning window closing and can't leave it to an amateur.

This prediction was made after Whitlock made his opinions known about Jim Caldwell's moronic timeout late in last night's loss to the Jets. Whitlock also this this little dig at Caldwell:

Remember me saying Caldwell would regret not going 16-0? U r about to find out why. Just a ridiculous timeout. Clueless.

And people say I talk to much about Week Sixteen in 2009.

We wrote an article a few weeks ago about the possibility of Gruden coming to Indianapolis. We still think that this is indeed the job he wants more than any other. Of course, the only way he can get that job is through Peyton Manning. Manning is a free agent starting... well, now. If Peyton goes to the negotiating table and tells Jim Irsay he wants Gruden as his new coach, Jim Caldwell's days in Indy will most certainly be numbered.