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Bill Polian Doesn't Want To Deal With You Tonight, Will Not Be On 'Bill Polian Show' UPDATE

[UPDATE]: So, apparently there is a league meeting tonight in Houston. I don't know why Bill Polian is there (Irsay himself is attending), but the timing is, shall we say, rather poor. Also, Bill made no mention of this meeting on last week's show. It's possible he used the meeting as an excuse to dodge fans. Again, regardless of whether this excuse is legit or not, the perception is he's dodging his critics. And in the NFL, perception is reality. -bbs

The Colts are 0-5 for the first time since Bill Polian assumed control of the organization back in 1998. So, naturally, many of us Colts fans looked forward to tonight's 'The Bill Polian Show,' a radio call-in program that often features the Colts vice chairman taking questions from fans. Needless to say, many callers likely had a few choice words pre-scripted for the loudmouthed bully-in-chief who often uses his on-air radio time to insult said fans and any media who dare offer critical opinions of the team.

However, per Mike Grady of 1070 The Fan radio in Indianapolis, tonight Bill will not be joining host Bob Lamey on the call-in show that bares his name. Bill's son, Colts general manager Chris Polian, will take his place.

Obviously, the timing of Polian's absence from his call-in show is interesting, to say the least. Regardless of whatever legitimate excuse he might have not being there, the perception is the normally cocky, arrogant, redheaded jerk ass*le is running and hiding from his critics at the very moment they are lining up to take several well-deserved shots at him.

But, as Bill loves to say, he cares little for perception (a total lie, but it's fun to hear him say it nonetheless). Regardless of how much of a coward it makes him look missing tonight's show, he is happier to send his son to take his lumps for him. Maybe Bill really has a legit excuse for not being there. Perhaps his pathetic efforts to field a quality secondary has him so 'baffled' that he's at a loss for words and, thus, really has nothing to say tonight.

Regardless, though we are sad we are denied the entertainment of listening to Bill rant and rage his way through 60 minutes of angry Colts fans calling in and demanding he be accountable for sucking at his job in recent months, we look forward to live-blogging the show tonight anyway. I mean, Chis Polian is the next best thing to Bill. He's a virtual clone of his father, only younger and much less accomplished.