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Recap Of The Bill Polian Show: Week 5, 2011

After Bill Polian's meltdown on the radio following the Colts now-infamous handling of the Week Sixteen game against the New York Jets in 2009, the Colts have blocked the call-in radio program named 'The Bill Polian Show' from Internet listeners. This show features Colts vice chairman Bill Polian, and it allows regular Colts fans to call-in and ask him questions which he, frequently, gets annoyed answering. It is the only Colts content that is not streamed live on the net. Thus, because Colts fans outside the Indianapolis area cannot listen in on the show, we provide highlights from the program, which often include Bill Polian saying things he later claims he did not say. However, since the Colts and Mr. Polian do not provide fans or media with recordings of the show, you'll just have to take our word that what we write below is indeed what Mr. Polian actually said. Hope you enjoy.

Stampede Blue live-tweets the highlights while the show is happening.You can follow Stampede Blue on Twitter at @stampedeblue.

There was a bit of a change-up this week. Bill Polian decided to attend an unannounced league meeting yesterday, which meant he would not be on his weekly call-in show. Because both Polian and host Bob Lamey made no mention of this meeting last week, it led some (myself being one) to speculate that Bill is looking for reasons to ditch his critics now that the Colts have gotten off to their worst start in fourteen years.

In hindsight, it's probably a good idea Bill wasn't on the show. He would have embarrassed himself and the franchise answering questions from a pretty testy bunch of callers. Replacing Bill on the show was his son, Colts general manager Chris Polian.

While it is eerie how similar these two men are, from their overall temperament to the tone and inflection in their voices, it's obvious Chris is more patient and less hot-headed when it comes to dealing with fans. He also came off as less condescending and, overall, he wasn't a douchebag to the callers the way his dad is known to be.

Here's the recap of the Bill Chris Polian Show after Week 5 of the 2011 NFL season.

  • Chis said the loss to the Chiefs was a 'tale of two halfs.' Colts defense couldn't get off field on third down in second half. Overall, team played 'cleaner' than in weeks past.
  • Chris said Colts run defense had 'issues' in the second half. Also said Chiefs did not make adjustments, but had momentum after late second quarter TD.
  • Chris spoke about the team re-signing Daniel Muir. They released Mike Tepper, but hope to have him back on the practice squad this week once he clears waivers.
  • Chris hopes to have Ryan Diem healthy for this week.
  • The injuries to Joseph Addai and Jerraud Powers seems seriously. Addai's hamstring injury 'looked worse' than Powers, according to Chris Polian. Sounds like both expected to miss next week's game.
  • Chris Polian: Colts roster is thin.
  • A caller asked Chris why Bill Polian said he was 'baffled' by the play of the defense and the secondary. Chris didn't really answer the question. Said that 0-5 is frustrating. The players 'playing hard.' Great effort. 'There is no magic bullet.'
  • Chris Polian: The Colts are 0-5 because the team is inconsistent.
  • Chris Polian used the word 'frustrating' four times in answering the question about the Colts defense and secondary. He did praise running game, in particular Donald Brown.
  • A caller asked Chris Polian about how the club reviews draft picks; what is the process? Chris answered quite candidly and with some interesting details. Draft picks are reviewed 'formally' every Spring and 'informally' every Sunday.The hope with first and second round picks, according to Chris, is that they are good enough to get a second contract with the team after they play out their rookie deal. If they don't, the suggestion is they are a disappointment, for any number of reasons.
  • Staying with draft picks questions, Chris said the hope that draft is 'balanced' to get quality starters and back-ups. Top picks are more 'physically equipped' to have longer careers.
  • A caller asked Chris if he has any comments about the team's needs for the 2012 NFL Draft. Chris answered that it was too early, but was smart in saying that he hopes team will go 11-5 so that they are drafting in the 20s again. No suggestion of 'tanking.'
  • This is when the callers started to get testy. A new caller asked about the head coach, Jim Caldwell, and why he seems to suck and making halftime adjustments. Chris answered by disagreeing with caller. Said the team is 'prepared very well,' and that is the hallmark of a good coach. He praised Caldwell and said there are 'no issues' on the coaching front.
  • Chris praised the play of Curtis Painter and said Peyton Manning could play this season.
  • Another angry caller. This person said he was a 28-year season ticket holder, and that he was mad about the 'lack of performance' from the team, and said the coaches 'aren't very good.' Chris said 'thank you' for supporting the team, and also said he is understanding of fan's financial investment in tickets and their emotional investment in team. This is interesting because his father pretty consistently dismisses fans, caring little for the money they spend or the time they invest in rooting for the team.
  • Chris Polian: Jacob Lacey 'had a tough day' against the Chiefs and Dwayne Bowe.
  • Chris Polian said that he often gets upset with losing and wants to 'change this, change that,' but he can't because of salary cap. Again, interesting candor, honesty.
  • Another pissed off caller saying they are a 28-year season ticket holder. This caller brought up the news that Peyton Manning didn't pass a physical prior to signing his new contract. Chris attempted to refute this, saying Peyton did pass a physical before signing.
  • Chris said Colts are trying to run ball more. They are not running better at this point, but with more efficiency.
  • Chris Polian: 'We appreciate everybody's investment' in the team.
  • Chris Polian: The season has not measured up to our standards.
  • Chris said Dallas Clark 'had a tough day' catching the football against Chiefs. However, Chris didn't see any hesitancy in Dallas' play.
  • Chris closed the show praising next week's opponent, the Bengals, saying their defensive front was awesome and that Andy Dalton is developing into a good QB.

Overall, I have to say I was impressed with how Chris handled himself. The Colts should consider keeping Chris as the show's featured guest until the Colts win a game. I get the sense that, as the season goes on and the Colts continue to lose, Bill is going to go nuts on some caller and make the franchise look bad. Last night, callers were very pissed off, and Bill Polian has no patience for the plebeian fanbase questioning him or his front office.

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