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The Reggie Wayne And Robert Mathis Trade Rumors

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Pretty much all of New York state went nuts yesterday when Adam Schefter suggested on ESPN Radio that the Colts should trade veterans Reggie Wayne and Robert Mathis for 4th round picks in the 2012 NFL Draft. Schefter made the suggestion as part of a segment where he and the host were 'playing GM,' suggesting what moves should be made before the NFL's trading deadline, which is next week.

Now, unlike when other people go on radio shows and toss around trade scenarios, when Schefter starts yapping about potential trade moves, people perk up. The reason for this is because Schefter is an information guy, not an analyst. Schefter isn't breaking down why the Eagles offensive line stinks, or why the 49ers have suddenly turned things around under Jim Harbaugh. Schefter's job (which he is very good at) is to tell you who's hurt, who's getting cut, who's getting signed, and who's getting traded.

It's also worth noting that he and Chris Mortensen are, in essence, media mouthpieces for the Polian Family. So, when Schefter makes trade suggestions or recommendations for the Colts on a radio show, they carry extra weight.

For me, the idea that the Colts would trade both players for picks makes sense. I have tons of respect for Wayne and Mathis. Yeah, Robert and I have had our spats on Twitter, and usually it's been over the subject of his contract. But, since the news of his partner's pregnancy, we've patched things up. I give Robert a ton of credit, he is outstanding interacting with fans and media both in person and on Twitter.

However, Robert and Reggie are in the final years of their contracts, and it's obvious now that the Colts will not sign them to extensions. Believe it or not, this makes sense for Indy.

Mathis and Wayne are over 30, and while both are very productive players and strong team leaders, the reality is they aren't that important to the franchise. If they were, the Colts wouldn't be 0-5 right now. Also, with so many holes on this roster, and with the possibility of Indy getting the No. 1 overall pick in the draft, it would be irresponsible and foolish of the franchise to invest significant money in two 30+ players who are just getting past their primes.

What I'm saying here is Schefter's suggestions make sense, and if they are being explored as options by the Colts, I'd have no problem seeing both players traded.

Phil Wilson wrote this morning that making such trades would signal that the season is over. Um, the team is 0-5. Season's already over. It ended when the Colts couldn't beat the friggin Browns at home in Week Two.

Mike Florio of PFT suggests that such trades would be management's first move in 'tanking' the season in an effort to #SuckForLuck. Again, I'm fine with that. 0-5 is 0-5. The season is over. Between now and April, Colts management should focus on next year, acquiring picks in an effort to make this putrid roster more competitive.

Again, this is nothing personal against Wayne or Mathis. But, both men are not helping the Colts win, and both are in the later stages of their careers. It would be better for both if they ended up on Buffalo and the New York Jets, respectively. Reggie would become Ryan Fitzpatrick's favorite receiver, and Robert working as an outside backer in Rex Ryan's defense? Um, that would be wow.

Robert would become the Terrell Suggs of the Meadowlands.

In return, the Colts get good value for two aging vets, and we begin the process of rebuilding. Some have said that such a move would upset Peyton Manning. Last I checked, Peyton was a player, not the team's GM. He's also signed and under contract for the next five years, and is recovering from his third neck surgery in two years. Management and the team owner shouldn't give two smelly farts if Peyton is 'upset' or not. This Colts team is terrible, and if Peyton wants any shot at winning another ring, changes need to be made in Indy.

Drastic changes.