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2011 NFL Trading Deadline: Don't Expect Much Movement From Colts At The Deadline

David thinks trading Reggie Wayne and Robert Mathis is a mistake. Personally, I think trading one or both is a good thing for the Colts and the players themselves. Robert and Reggie aren't going to be re-signed this offseason, and if they were so 'valuable' to the Colts, they wouldn't be 0-6 now.

Yeah look! Two Stampede Blue writers disagreeing. OMFG! The horror! Someone get me a flamethrower and a bottle of cheap Vodka! I gots to set a man on FIRE!

In all seriousness, yes, disagreement between us writers happens. A lot. It's a good thing it does. At 0-6, things would be pretty boring around here if we all agreed on why our team currently sucks and the best way to fix it.

Regarding David's sentiment, that both wayne and Mathis will not be traded, he is indeed correct. Even though I think it would help the team in 2012, Robert and Reggie aren't going anywhere today. No Colts are likely to be traded at today's deadline.

The NFL trading deadline is today at 4 p.m. Eastern.

In year's past, we've seen some pretty crazy movement by the Colts on deadline day.

  • In 2006, the Colts traded a second round pick in 2007 for Buccaneers defensive tackle Booger McFarland. The move was critical to the Colts winning the Super Bowl that season.
  • In 2008, the Colts traded a 3rd round pick in 2009 for Bills defensive tackle John McCargo, but it was discovered during McCargo's physical that he had a herniated disc. He did not pass his physical, and the traded was nixed. 

I've long maintained that the Bills tried to pawn an injured player off on the Colts. Herniated discs are kinda hard to miss, and that the Bills were making McCargo practice with this injury suggests their player safety policies at that time were a little lax. Hopefully, Buffalo has since changed that. They've certainly changed other aspects of their organization and, unlike the Colts now, the Bills can actually win football games!

At 0-6, I don't expect many trade moves with Indianapolis unless they are looking to unload veteran contracts for draft picks. If the front office does this though, it will be seen as a 'white flag' for the 2012 season, and the 'Suck For Luck' chatter will increased substantially.

Right now, both the Colts (0-6) and the Dolphins (0-5) are the lead horses in the Andrew Luck 'sweepstakes.' If you watched the Dolphins last night, it was pretty painfully obvious that they need a quarterback. Should they have the worst record and snag Luck, that blue chip could be enough to lure a high profile coach to South Beach, perhaps Jon Gruden or Bill Cowher.

For the Colts, we'll be watched the trade 'tea leaves,' but we don't expect much movement. I personally hope I'm wrong and the Colts do offload vets for picks. The team is 0-6 for a reason. The roster is old and needs to be revamped. This team's 0-6 is not solely because Peyton Manning is hurt. It's much deeper than that.