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Kavell Conner And Pat Angerer Could Tackle God

Depending on your point of view, you could say that Colts linebackers Pat Angerer and Kavell Conner being the No. 1 and No 2 respective leaders in total tackles going into Week Seven is either a very good or very bad statistical fact.

If you think it's good, then for you it means that the Colts have two guys who can really bring down the ball-carrier. The Indianapolis Colts have never, EVER, had any player lead the league in tackles. [Correction]: Mike Peterson led NFL in tackle with 159 in 2000. So, yeah. Sorry. I suck. --bbs

So, if either one of them achieve this feat, it would mean something. It's also worth noting that the Colts are, shockingly, ranked 12th against the run in terms of yards per carry (3.9). This puts them better than the Packers, Patriots, and Jets; all teams noted for tough interior run defense and outstanding linebacker play.

If you think the tackle stats are bad, then it's likely because you know the Colts are woefully bad on third down, and the tackle numbers do nothing but reinforce this. Failing to get offenses off the field on third down means more plays. More plays equal more tackles. This holds up when you factor in that although the Colts are only allowing 3.9 a rush, they are surrendering a average of 136 rushing yards a game, third worst in the NFL. This means teams are not gashing Indy for big chunks of yardage on the ground, but are instead bashing away with more frequency, using the pass to convert third downs while continuing to pound the ball into the teeth of the defense.

The Colts are allowing opposing QBs to complete 70% of their passes, by far the worst in football.

Personally, I think the tackle stats are more of a positive. I say this for two reasons:

1) In year's past, safeties like Bob Sanders and Antoine Bethea would be tops on the team in tackles. This meant that ball-carriers were blowing past the d-line and linebackers, and the safeties had to come up and stop them.

2) The Colts are 0-6, for god-sakes! I need something positive to keep me going through this perpetual nightmare of a season.

For Gary Brackett, the normal starting MIKE and the best backer this franchise has had during their Super Bowl runs, his best season, in terms of tackles, was in 2005. He had 92 that year, and many Colts fans still feel that 2005 defense was the best fielded in the Polian era.

Angerer has 73 tackles through six games this year. Conner has 58.

It's also worth noting that, in previous years, guys with names like Jerod Mayo and Patrick Willis were tops in the NFL in tackles. While I'm not deluded enough to say Angerer and Conner are as good as those guys, that's impressive company to keep.