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2011 NFL Week 4 TV Schedule, Lines, And Picks- Open Thread

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You can see all of Matt Grecco's picks for Week 4 of the NFL over at SB Nation Indiana. Here are a few I've plucked out for this open thread:

Titans (-1) at Browns, 1:00 PM, CBS: The Titans and Browns are booth a surprising 2-1 on the season, mostly because of their defenses. Look for Chris Johnson to finally start earning his big contract this week, with the Titans winning in a squeaker. Titans 24, Browns 23

Steelers (+4) at Texans, 1:00 PM, CBS: If this line had been set before the season, I think the reverse could have been true. The Steelers haven't looked impressive so far this season, with wins coming over the Seahawks and Colts, but the Texans' two wins have come against the Colts and Dolphins, two winless teams. Don't be fooled by the line, and take the road team. Steelers 31, Texans 26

Also, in case you missed this highlight video, perhaps instead of drafting Andrew Luck to play quarterback, maybe the Colts can have him play wide receiver for the first two years of his career.

Yes, I'm joking. Still that catch by Luck is pretty much... wow.