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Jeff Saturday Calls Out Coach Caldwell While Jim Irsay Apologies To Fans

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Last night was the most embarrassing loss in Indianapolis Colts history. Maybe one could argue the 41-0 loss in the playoffs to the Jets in 2003 was worse because it was a post-season game, but giving up 62 points in a nationally televised game probably takes the turd cake.

Thus, it should come as no surprise that Jim Irsay immediately took to Twitter after the debacle and apologized to fans.

Titanic collapse,apologies 2 all ColtsNation..problems identifiable;solutions in progress but complex in nature/ better days will rise again

As we've said recently, the problems are poor management due to an inept front office. Irsay's Tweet gives me hope because to purge West 56th Street of all employees named 'Polian' would indeed be 'complex in nature.' But, I'm not holding my breath. Something does need to be done though. Last night's loss likely cost the Colts a significant portion of their fanbase. Kind of tough to proudly wear a Colts hat or shirt today after the team embarrassed itself and the entire city last night in a game everyone and their grandmother watched. Those fans won't come back unless changes are made. Big changes.

While Irsay is potentially looking for a new general manager, he might have to also deal with his head coach who, slowly but surely, is losing the players. Colts center and player union leader Jeff Saturday went on a local Indianapolis sports show last night following the game and dropped the 'we got out-coached' bomb on everyone.

Even during the 6-10 season in 2001 under Jim Mora Sr., we never saw Jeff call out his coach. He never called out Caldwell in 2009 when the Polians ordered starters would be rested in the final two games; a move Saturday still get red-in-the-face about when people bring it up. But, after losing 62-7, Jeff probably has had enough. Can't say I blame him.

We're now in the finger-pointing phase of the before-mentioned Vortex of Suck.

To Caldwell's credit, he did stand before the media last night and take responsibility for the loss, which is what head coaches are supposed to do. The reality is that he is not the sole person to blame, and while Jeff is openly criticizing his coach, he could (and likely should) lump in his team's G.M. and 'vice chairman' as well.

In any case, Caldwell was already gone after 2011. Last night's win simply put an exclamation mark his impending termination as head coach. The bigger question now is will Chris Polian, his brother Dennis, and Papa Bill go with him.