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Colts Week 7 Eric Foster 'Keep Choppin' Player of the Week

The weekly honor to the player who best honors Eric Foster's incredible heart, determination, and leadership.

Boy did we need Eric Foster out there last night. Everything he embodied (heart, hustle, determination and an unwillingness to quit) the Colts lacked against the Saints. It's a long road ahead, but for the Colts they have to keep choppin and find a way to win.

This week's candidates are:

  • Nobody - You seriously think someone is deserving? How could any player stand for the 'player of the week honor' after that 62-7 disgrace? 62 points!!!!!!! Eric Foster would be ashamed.
  • Delone Carter - Hey, let's look for the positives. That 42 yard run he had in the second quarter was a phenomenal mix of power and speed and shows he could be really special. 89 yards and one touchdown on 10 carries? Beastly!
  • Joseph Addai - 2 carries for 8 yards, 2 catches for 11 yards. Nothing special, but Addai embodied Foster's leadership by trying to play through pain. Wasn't expected to play and shouldn't have suited up, Addai gave it a go before ending his night early in the first half.
  • Jamaal Anderson - 2 tackles and 1 sack. Again, stretching it here... One of the only players to touch Brees all night, Anderson kept choppin and showed veteran discipline by keeping contain on his side of the field most of the night.