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Who Do You Blame?

Our old Stampede Blue colleague Colin McCollough (who now writes for Bleacher Report, and who was unfairly getting trashed with regularity yesterday by radio talk show host Dan Dakich) Tweeted a great suggestion to me: Ask our readers who is to blame for this 0-7 season.

Collin is doing this over at BR, and is getting some interesting results.

So, the poll question is simple. Who is most responsible? I've mixed it up a little to allow for nuance, but you can only make one choice.

[UPDATE]: I've seen a few people request that 'Peyton's injury' be added as an option. No. Here's why: For years, the 'talking heads' that the Colts often railed against said that Indy was a six-win team without Peyton. The Colts vehemently rejected this, saying there was talent all over the roster. Today, sans Manning, this team cannot buy a win. Six was being generous. Add to this the fact that, for much of this season, Curtis Painter has played well. So, the reason this club is 0-7 has little to do with the QB position. Basically, if you are someone who is still saying, 'If Peyton were playing, we'd be 5-2,' you're not someone I take seriously. That ship sailed long before the embarrassment Sunday night, and then it SUNK after N.O. dropped 62 on our defense.