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Week 7 Stampede Blue Fantasy/Picks Update

In the Straight Up Contest this week, Stampede Blue readers got exactly 50% of the games correct.  82% got the Packers game correct while 0% got the Dumpster Fires Jaguars upset correct (I guess we really do think they are terrible).  The were 5 readers that got 10 games out of 13 correct this week (mgrex03, Fire Ninjas, Bonuts, emiller17 and Indyrampage).  The overall lead changed hands this week as G-String moved up to the top spot by one game over three readers tied for 2nd. Interesting note from this week.  4 of 6 early games had the underdog win outright.

Against the Spread was much harder this week.  Overall readers only got 42% of the game correct.  Top Dog this week was Ackley with 9 of 12 correct (one push this week).  There are a few readers out there who still hold out hope for our Colts.  Two-thirds of the submissions took the Colts to cover against the Saints.  Only 4 of 12 games had readers get it right more than half the time.  Overall lead went back to emiller17 by 1 game with 58 out of 97 correct.

Fantasy results after the jump.  Again, feel free to check out all of the leagues at where X is a number between 1 and 13.

We are down to 5 remaining undefeated teams (Knockonwood - 3,  The Gob Bluths - 4,  Maclin on your girl - 7, PeytonsForeHead - 11, Purple Swirlies - 12) spread over 13 leagues.  The Purple Swirlies still hold the top scoring spot with 1090.5total points.  There are 8 teams out of 154 that have scored over 1000 points.  One of those teams is Sweater Vests! from League 11.  They have scored 1015.4 points and are 3-4 on the season.  Highest point total this week goes the Mr. Indianapolis Colts in league 5 who scored 174.4 on the back of 46.4 points from Arian Foster, 35.85 points from Ben Roethlisberger and 23.4 from Jimmy Graham.

The closest game this week was in League 2 where Antarctica MERCS and Guy LeDouche played within 0.15 points of each other.  This is the second time I have mentioned the MERCS in the closest game segment.  They have actually tied a game this year back in Week 4.  MERCS ended up losing this week with two players (Dallas Clark and Doug Baldwin) scoring zero points.  One reception from each of these starters would have changed the tide of this game.

Largest margin of victory this week was in League 3 where Marvin's Alibi won by 91.35 points.  mgrex's Statistical Anomaly teams went 8-5 this week.  The winless team in league 12 managed a win this week so each of his teams has at least one win. 

Some big scorers on bye this week.  Aaron Rodgers still has the largest number of points scored for the year.  What with you need to start with him on the bench?  Who's you favorite matchup for the week?  I like Matt Hasslebeck v. Colts Cushion, I mean Secondary, and New Orleans Offense v. St. Louis defense.  Big back to back week s for Drew Brees.