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2011 NFL Week 8: Indianapolis Colts (0-7) At Tennessee Titans (3-3)- Open Thread

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Happy Halloween! (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Happy Halloween! (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Colts inactives for today include Anthony Gonzalez, Jacob Lacey, Anthony Castonzo, Ryan Diem, Joe Reitz, Drake Nevis, and Peyton Manning.

Very interesting tweet just a few moments ago from Indianapolis Star writer Phil Wilson regarding why Gonzo is not even active today:

Not trying to be Gonzo apologist, but this is what happens to #Colts who speak their minds. Bill Polian doesn't care for guys who do. Tryon?

You all might recall that Gonzo all but called Jim Caldwell a liar last year for how the 'competition' for the starting WR spot was handled during the 2010 training camp. Gonzo was also chatty about the subject of HGH use in the NFL prior to the start of this season. Maybe that, and Gonzo's recent chat with the Indy Star's Mike Chappell where Gonzo expressed 'frustration' with not being allowed on the field (he's been a health scratch for three games leading up to today), got on the bad side of the Polian Family.

As with Justin Tryon, Wilson provides another example of how Caldwell is not the one setting his active lineups. Bill Polian apparently is. Perhaps another Bill Polian roster decision: Delone Carter will start at RB for Indy today while Kevin Thomas is starting a CB for Lacey.

This is your open thread for today's game. Enjoy. Maybe they can scratch out a win.