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NFL Final Scores: Colts Continue To Struggle, Lose To Titans 27-10

The Colts continue to find new ways to lose games, falling to the Titans 27-10 and keeping themselves winless for the first half of the 2011 NFL season. At 0-8, the Colts have guaranteed that 2011 will be the first second non-winning season since they drafted Peyton Manning in 1998 (sorry, blocked out the 6-10 season in 2001).

If you want positives in this game, the Colts ran for over 158 yards.

Actually, that's pretty much all I got in terms of positives. So, yeah, the 'positives' aren't even plural. It's just one positive. Pretty much everything else is negative.

Despite the 158 yards rushing, Curtis Painter had to throw the ball 49 times. Painter also had two interceptions and was, for the most part, running for his life all game. Guard Seth Olsen was benched in the first half due to ineffective play, and the special teams for Indy were just god awful bad. Once again, Jerry Hughes continues to be the poster boy for Bill Polian draft ineptness in recent years. Hughes missed a key block on a punt attempt in the second quarter. Pat McAfee's punt was then blocked and recovered in the endzone by the Titans' Jason McCourty.

Pretty much after that play, the game was decided.

With the St. Louis Rams dominating the New Orleans Saints today (the same Saints who dropped 62 on the Colts last week), only the Colts and Dolphins remain winless. Between the two right now, the Dolphins look much better. The Colts have totally collapsed. This team just doesn't know how to win anymore. Such an amazingly rapid decent.

Their fall might be the biggest story of this season.