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Colts Say No Suck4Luck, Colts Fans Say, 'Yes, Please Suck4Luck Some More!'

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Jim Irsay has been using Twitter the last 24 hours or so to dispel rumors that the Colts are intentionally tanking the 2011 season in order to secure the No. 1 overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft and, as a result, draft Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck.

No one is "Tanking the season"...that's absurd conspiracy theory mumblings...Suck4Luck doesn't exist n Indy

HappyHalloween,we suck4no man!"Me,I nearly got busted,n wouldn't it b my Luck,2get caught without a ticket,n b discovered,beneath the truck"

Well, someone forget to tell these Colts fans at the game this past Sunday that 'Suck4Luck doesn't exist in Indy.'


Look, Jim Irsay and the players can tweet and rant all they want about how they aren't intentionally losing games to get Andrew Luck. Honestly, I don't think anyone is seriously suggesting Indy is tanking games. However, it's important for Irsay and others associated with the Colts to understand that, from a fan's perspective, this season exposed many supposedly good Colts players. Indy's fall from grace is rather unprecedented. No team has gotten this bad, this quickly, after being in the Super Bowl just two years ago.

Thus, for many fans, the thought is to blow the whole thing up and start over. Andrew Luck is kind of a symbol for doing that.

For me, I don't begrudge fans wearing Colts jerseys with the name 'Andrew Luck' on the back. This season has been an epic meltdown, and the blame for it starts at the top. Fans are frustrated, and rightly so. Rooting for the team to lose and get Luck is just an offshoot of that frustration.