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Colts Likely To Promote Ollie Ogbu Or Ricardo Mathews From Practice Squad

0-4 feels like someone kicking you in the nuts, repeatedly.

0-4 and watching your team crumble before your eyes because of injuries is like someone kicking you in the nuts, repeatedly, with flaming spikes on the tips of their shoes.

However, despite the numbing pain, there are silver linings. At 0-4, and the season effectively over, this gives the team a chance to look at younger players who, quite frankly, idiots like me were screaming should be more playing time.

Per Paul Kuharsky a ESPN, the Colts are likely to promote Ollie Ogbu and Ricardo Mathews from the practice squad. One or both would replace Eric Foster, whose terrible injury last night resulted in surgery today, which reportedly went well. Foster will likely land on I.R. soon.

Ogbu is a rookie DT from Penn State, and Mathews is a second-year DT from Cincinnati. Both had productive preseasons this year and, for me, one of them should have been part of the 53-man roster back in early September.

Another guy that would be nice to have right now: Tommie Harris.

Amazingly, with how well Antonio Johnson and the three Colts linebackers have been playing, I'm not too worried about the defensive tackle spot. As Matt Grecco pointed out earlier this morning in his Inside The Numbers article, the Colts have held up well against the run.

The issue is the secondary. It's bad. Really bad. Unfortunately, rather than acquiring decent corners, this front office seems more content to cut them for no reason whatsoever.