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The Eric Foster Keep Chopping Game Ball of the Week

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NFL players are known for their ridiculously high pain tolerance. Even still, after dislocating his ankle Foster showed I whole new level of toughness, screaming at his team to get fired up and win the ballgame.

If the Colts are going to win a few games this season without Peyton Manning (and an offensive and defensive line), that is the heart and passion they must embody and show week in and week out.

Following each game, 4 players who kept chopping win be nominated for the award.

This week's candidates are:

Curtis Painter: 2 touchdowns for 281 yards. In his first career start, Curtis Painter didn't make any truly boneheaded decisions and only fumbled once.

Pierre Garcon: 2 catches, 2 touchdowns, 146 yards. After another early drop, Garcon provided the offensive spark the Colts needed creating touchdowns off of two short receptions. His 146 were by far the most for any Colts receiver this year.

Kavell Conner: 18 tackles (14 solo) 1 for a loss. A gutsy effort, this second year pro, took a punishing and gave it back with a career high 18 tackles.

Robert Mathis: 4 tackles, 1 sack With a relentless motor, Robert Mathis was at it again, proving he really is un-blockable by registering this third sack in as many games.