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Week 4 Stampede Blue Fantasy/Picks Update

A great week for Straight Up picks this week.  The lowest score of the week was 7 out of 16.  49 entries got more than 10 games correct.  I don't have all the figures in front of me, but I would guess that's some kind of record.  Two winners this week were peytonsforehead and G-String with 13 out of 16 correct.  3 games this week had over 90% of entries get the game correct with two of those being 100% games (Green Bay and New Orleans were 100% and Atlanta was 96%).  Overall, Lord Help Our Colts has opened up a 2 game lead over the rest of the league with 48 of 64 correct.

In the Against the Spread contest this week we had 5 winners!  Blind Squirrel II, Cabo Diablo, actorscott, ColtsFanFromHawaii and The Lawn Wrangler all got 11 correct this week.  While Atlanta winning straight up was one of the easier games to get correct, only 6 entries took Seattle with the points.  The touchdown the Seahawks scored with 8 minutes left in the game gave the Falcons enough time to score again, but they couldn't manage to cover the 4.5 point spread.  Overall, Lord help our colts is tied with The Lawn Wrangler at the top with 38 of 60 correct. 

Fantasy information after the jump.  Remember to check out each league at where X is number 1 to 13.

Best performance this week goes to darkness from league 2 with 196.3 points this week.  This weeks performance also led darkness to the top of the overall points competition.  After 4 weeks, thatteam has put up 673.7 points for an average of 168.4 per week. 

As I looked for for overall leaders, I found something unique.  Most leagues have one 600 point team at most.  There are actually 4 leagues that have zero 600 point teams.  But a special shout out to league 11 who has 3 teams over 600 points.  The crazy part is that 2 of those teams are 2-2 on the year.

The best fantasy performance this week went to Aaron Rodgers, hands down (lost to him in two other leagues!).  58 points! Believe it or not with that performance 2 teams still lost with Rodgers behind center.  Unstopable league 10 lost to a team with three 20 point scorers and five 10 point scorers.  Big Blue Horse in league 7 had one player score negative points and another put up a zero.

We actually had a tie this week in league 2 where Antarctica MERCS and Choirboys tied at 109.4.  The funny thing is that they were tied after Monday and there where no stat corrections in this game so they stayed tied.  Other than the tie, we had another game that came down to .2 points.

In league 1, Fully Krausened held off Super Bowl Bound.  Super Bowl Bound had Mike Williams from Tampa Bay playing on Monday night and started the day behind by 12.1 points.  Mike was having a great day until 7 minutes in the third quarter.  He had 5 catches for 66 yards at that point and...didn't get targeted after that.  That left him .2 points behind.  Tough loss.

Good luck this week!  Who are you having to start thank to the first bye week?  Anybody have a horror story to tell?  Please share!