Bill Polian Retiring?

There are those who believe that there isn't enough talent on this team to win a single game, I find this hard to fathom. If anything it seems more like a conspiracy, a set up for failure while Peyton Manning is out. Bill Polian in my opinion isn't the senile old fart that we tend to take him for. He knows how to find talent and knows players at the end of each round of the draft can be hit or miss. So, why not use a year off to stockpile new blood into the system? This whole turn of events with Manning injury has been set into motion since the beginning of last year. Of course they knew the issue with his neck, still no one expected it to keep him out the entire year. Then, all Hell broke loose once it was decided another surgery was needed, that's when I believe the plan was set into place. I'll explain my theory after the jump...

As I see it, Bill Polian has his bags packed and figures to retire after this year. Since a majority of blame can fall squarely on his shoulders, he'll scapegoat himself allowing his son to take over. By doing so, he makes way for the next era of Polian leadership, Chris. He then can cut ties with the coaching staff and blame them for the piss poor performances this year. He'll have no problem saving his own skin from getting axed by pointing out this years improved draft class. Enabling him to use the next draft to truly put his mark on the franchise. Like his father before him, he'll have a future quarterback awaiting for him with the first overall selection. Critics of the Colts can then be satisfied knowing enough of the bad apples have been removed from the bunch.

Let's face the facts, the front office hasn't suddenly turned a blind eye to what's going on within their organization. They know Jim Caldwell couldn't lead a horse to water in the middle of a rain forest. Caldwell was Dungy's man, and with Bill Polian backing the decision to name his own successor, he in someways sealed his fate. Soon as realization set in, it became apparent thereafter he wasn't the right man for the job. But, you can't fire someone when their winning, that would be uncalled for. Then fate stepped in and the real leader of the team was unable to take his troupes into battle. We then discovered how much of the show Manning was controlling and how truly incapable Caldwell is as a head coach.

Unlike years past with father Bill holding down the fort, the possibility of hiring a coach with some real moxie could finally come to fruition. Chris doesn't appear to be the dictator running things with an iron fist like dear old dad was, he seems more of a company man. He maybe more willing to hand the reins of the team over to someone who can put his stamp on it. And, what better way to do so than with the highest rated prospect since Manning himself. So, if anyone has dreams of us turning a corner this year (especially, Miami fans) its time to forget it. We're definitely in the Andrew Luck sweepstakes, any hope of saving this season can be thrown out the window...since management will do whatever it takes to insure failure.

All hope is not lost thou, I guarantee you when this team is under the right guidance, we shall be elite again. Look at the roster from head to toe and try to tell me we lack the talent to compete with any other team in the NFL. Yes, there needs to be some tweaking done but, the league doesn't have anyone you'd call a dream team (especially not the Eagles). We need to look towards the future and if the opportunity presents itself to obtain another franchise quarterback, you jump at it. Luck could learn under Manning until he becomes injured, declines in talent, traded, or released (can't eliminate any possibility). And, remember even if we did use our first pick on Luck, there's still at least 6 more picks available to improve the team (not to mention if we obtain more picks). Let's also not forget Chris' willingness to fill voids within the team through free agency.

For some of us this season has been a tough one to watch, for others like the Polian's and I its viewed as more of a sacrifice for a long bright future. Make no doubts about it, I hate watching the team lose as much as the next die hard fan. But, what has kept me from breaking down and jumping off the deep end is knowing next year the front office, coaching staff, and team will be better off for it. These are my theories, you can wish to believe them or not...I leave that for you to decide.

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