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Week 9 Stampede Blue Fantasy/Picks Update

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Don't forget that games start on Thursday.  Check your lineups and submit at least the Thursday game on Yahoo!

Straight Up this week SirSci's Selections led the way with 12 out of 14 correct.  Pretty good for a week where readers as a whole only got 56% of games correct.  There were 5 games that had less that 30% correct.  There were also 3 games above 90%.  This was even with every submitter getting the Cowboys game correct.  Overall, Three King Duck and G-String hold a one game lead with 90 out of 130 correct.

Against the Spread the winner this week got the same total as the Straight Up contest.  Colteyes got 12 out of 14 leading 3 others with 10 or more games correct.  In what I see as a strange twist, readers got the same 56% of the games correct against the spread.  Easiest game to get correct was the Bengals over the Titans.  84% of readers got that right.  Overall, Lord Help Our Colts holds a one game lead with 72 of 124 correct.

Fantasy information after the jump.  Remember you can check out each of the fantasy leagues at where X is a number between 1 and 13.

Tough week for some of the higher scoring teams.  We dropped down to 2 undefeated teams and had 2 teams get their first win of the season.  The top scorer throughout the the season Purple Swirlies (1358.15) lost their matchup to Bub's Braying Colts while The Other Manning and Hoosier Hitmen got their first wins of the season.  Top scorer this week was The Gob Bluths.

The closest game of the week was a winless Big Blue Horse falling short by 0.25 points to Keysta101.  I know it's hard to believe, but Big Blue Horse is 0-9 on the year and has Aaron Rodgers as his QB.  It appears he hasn't undated his team in awhile as he still has Swayze Waters as his kicker.  All he needed was one point to make the difference.

Speaking of Mr. Rodgers, this is the 3rd week out of 9 where he lead all scorers.  This time it was 41.55 points.  Looking at overall point totals for the year, Wes Welker is the highest scoring non-QB and LeSean McCoy leads RBs.  This week a player owned in only 4% of Yahoo leagues was the 5th highest scorer.  Matt Moore got that honor.

The Statistical Anomaly teams went 6-7 this week.  Closest games this week went to League 9 with a 15.98 average margin.  League 11 had the biggest blowouts with 42.32 average margin. 

Week off from byes this week as every team plays.  Good luck to all.