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Colts Fans, Did You Watch Andrew Luck Lose To Oregon Last Night? Sure You Did

Admit it.

You watched Andrew Luck throw three touchdowns against Oregon last night. You watched the Stanford defense give up 53 points at home in a game that was, arguably, the biggest game in Stanford's recent history. You watched Luck throw two interceptions, with one the result of his receiver dropping the ball. You watched Luck get a brunt of the blame for Stanford's choke job. You watched Linda Cohn and the rest of the SportsCenter zombie squad say the Heisman Trophy race is now 'wide open' because Luck and Stanford can't beat Oregon.

Admit it. You watched. You watched, and it was like someone transported you back in time.

Didn't it take your mind back to the late 1990s? Didn't the inane 'Luck can't beat Oregon' talk remind you of another phenom college quarterback several years ago who was considered the 'favorite' to win the Heisman Trophy his last year in school, but, because he and his school couldn't beat Florida, the Heisman went to someone else.

The more things change. The more they stay the same.

Last night's 53-30 loss to the Ducks knocked the Standford Cardinals from BCS title contention. People are saying their season is over, which is a big reason why I HATE the college football system. Every game matters... until you lose. Then, no one gives a crap about you. So stupid. Personally, I view college football as a farm system for the NFL and CFL. Nothing more. The whole BCS thing is a farce and a sham. I honestly don't care who 'wins' the BCS 'championship.' But, that's just me.

Back to Luck, he's completing 70% of his passes for 2,695 yards, 29 TDs, and 7 INTs, which is right on pace for the numbers he had last year. Had Luck entered the the 2011 NFL Draft, he'd have been the No. 1 overall pick.

Yes Carolina fans, over Cam Newton.

This coming draft, Luck is, once again, a shoe in for the first overall pick. Should the Colts be the team that takes him, Colts fans will likely hear the same, silly song-and-dance with Luck that they heard with Peyton Manning when he was a rookie coming out of Tennessee in 1998.

I've watched Luck this year, and it's pretty uncanny how similar he is to Peyton via UT. Luck's a bit more athletic than Peyton which, should he go to Indy, would suit him well. Also like Manning, Luck is probably going to enter the pro ranks with a silly and unnecessary 'yeah, but' associated with his college resume.