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NFL Scores: Colts Bench Curtis Painter, Lose 'Super Bowl' To Jaguars 17-3

Well, that was Indianapolis' supposed 'Super Bowl' this year, folks. The game everyone thought the Colts could win turns out to be yet another dud for Jim Caldwell and his team. The game was so bad that the coaches were forced to bench Curtis Painter, the player Bill Polian was crowing about not four weeks ago.

Painter was 13-19 on the day for just 94 yards and 2 picks. Regression doesn't quite fully define the way Painter has played since he took over for Kerry Collins in Week Three. Implosion is more like it. In fact, implosion describes the entire team. The entire franchise.

The Colts lost to the Jaguars 17-3 today to fall to 0-10. The game was so bad Painter was benched in the fourth quarter for Dan Orlovsky. Orlovsky on one drive (67) had almost as many yards throwing as Painter did in three quarters.

The last time the Colts were 0-10 was 1997, but that horrible '97 team looks like the undefeated Dolphins of '72 compared to the bums on Indianapolis' current roster. The 17-3 slop fest against the Jaguars today was a listless, pathetic effort. Embarrassing. Uninspired. 

The kind of effort that makes you wonder why they didn't just forfeit, refund everyone's money, and take the day off. The Colts have a bye week upcoming. Looks like they decided to take it early.

With the Miami Dolphins winning their second game in a row today, the Colts are now firmly in the 'Suck 4 Luck' driver's seat. In fact, with the way this lifeless team is playing, they look likely to join one of Dan Orlovsky's old teams: The 2008 Detroit Lions, who are (currently) the only team in NFL history to go 0-16 in a season.

I really wish I could give you all 'positives' from this game, but I can't. Maybe someone in the comments can dig up some good news. I'm fresh out.

[UPDATE]: Rams and Dolphins win today. Colts are the unquestioned worst team in football. After the game, Colts radio announcer Will Wolford said the team needs changes 'across the board.' He also said fans should just start thinking about next year.