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A Letter To The Indianapolis Colts: Can You Defend Your Record?

Dear Coaches,

Can we agree that the season is lost, and setting aside the Andrew Luck sweepstakes, there is nothing to play for  other than pride? Isn't it also fair to presume that  given the Colts are the only winless team, you are coaching for your jobs?

Then why might I ask, do you continue to insist that the difference between winning and losing is focusing on the little things? Am I wrong to assume that the traditional definition of little things is 'cleaning up a few holding calls here and there, correcting fall starts, holding on to catchable passes? or is 'focusing on the little things' really all encompassing coach speak for 'we suck at all aspects of the game.' 

And if it fair to conclude that you are collectively all on the coaching hot seats, why do you continue to employ the same game plans as you might with Peyton Manning under center and a healthy Brackett, Bullitt and Sanders roaming in the secondary?

Is your stubborn failure to adjust your playing calling to match the reality on the field a determination made to save your skin down the road by appearing consistent? Are you comfortable tanking the season by avoid taking 'radical' risks to ensure yourself positions on college coaching staffs? Do you want and/or plan to remain in Indiana or is it just another job? Or perhaps are you all just so far in over your heads that you don't know what to do? 

If it is one of the first three points, does it not bother you that you are the laughing stock of the league and an utter embarrassment to your profession? 

If not, may I ask why Curtis Painter is starting? Or your justification as to why the Colts - with the worst quarterback in the league playing the majority of the games -  have thrown the 9th most pass attempts even though as a team you rank 22nd in completions and 26th in yards threw the air (both to go down after today).

Are you - as laughable as it sounds - afraid of failure and the unknown? Or is it a obstinate belief that you're offensive and defensive schemes really do work even though Peyton Manning was the de-facto coach. 

Can you defend your coaching abilities without Peyton to hide your apparent deficiencies? More importantly, what is your argument for why you should all be retained?

I hate to be so critical, I really do. I want you to succeed and will cheer for the Colts regardless if you do or not and I admit that you don't have the most talented roster to work with. But you are the only team that hasn't won a single game and there are some really untalented teams in the league. With no accountability, it falls upon the media and fans to remind you just how terrible a job you've done. You'd think that by the 10th loss you'd realize this, but considering you try the same philosophies and game plans each week with less success each time (shocking how that is actually possible), it's clear you don't.

So I'd like to offer a few humble suggestions. For starters, how about replacing Curtis Painter. That seems like a simple solution. Why wait until the game is out of hand in the fourth quarter to do so? Granted, I get that you aren't too excited by the prospects of Dan Orlovsky (especially if by your estimation he is worse than Painter), but can he really be any worse?

Secondly, how about stacking the line by consistently putting 8 or 9 (even 10?) in the box? Such an innovative strategy might have been especially fruitful considering the Jags have the worst passing attack and rely solely on Maurice Jones Drew. An even more novel idea would be blitzing. Perhaps a few house-blitzes might surprise the opposing offenses resulting in a few turnovers? Of course the danger in doing so is giving up the big play. But hasn't that happened to us consistently this year and if not, how in your estimation did the Saints hang 62 points on us?

Lastly I would propose that with our Hall of Fame quarterback on the sidelines, that it might be the appropriate time to focus on the run? The Broncos rushed 54 of 62 times and won. While I am not suggesting such a run-oriented game plan, running more than 21 times - considering Brown ran for a decent 3.8 YPC - seems certainly fair. Ranking 23 in rushing attempts with such an atrocious quarterback doesn't seem to be necessarily the wisest approach. 

I have several other suggestions, but I have the feeling that like all other reasonable recommendations they will fall on deaf ears, so I will resist. I would recommend however, that you WIN A DAMN FOOTBALL GAME. 

I hope to hear from you soon. 


One of thousands of of your disgruntled fans.