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Indianapolis Colt's Week 10 Eric Foster 'Keep Choppin' Player of the Game

Another rough outing, which left a lot to be desired, Eric Foster's heart and attitude are needed more than ever. Few guys were able to do enough to warrant a spot on this list, but there were a few who didn't necessarily shine, but at least offered glimmers of hope for betters days down the road.

Here are the Eric Foster 'Keep Choppin' Players of the Week candidates:

Dan Orlovsky: 7-10 passing for 67 yards. Not much of a body of work, but when Orlovsky replaced Painter he supplied a much needed spark to the offense.

Donald Brown: 14 carriers for 53 yards. Again, not enough carriers to do much, but with a 3.8 yards per carry average it was another better than decent outing for Brown.

David Caldwell: 11 tackles (4 solo) A career high for the youngster out of William and Mary.

Jerraud Powers: 5 tackles (3 solo, 1 for a loss) 1 interception. Powers recorded his second INT in as many games revitalizing his season after a disappointing start.

Robert Mathis: 6 tackles (2 solo) 1 sack. Another sack for Mathis but that's about it.

Pat McAfee: 6 punts 246 yards (41 yard average) 2 punts inside the two. His success has more to do with the failings of the offense, but McAfee had another strong outing in a Pro Bowl season.