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A little humor helps during a long Indianapolis Colts Season

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Whether inadvertent or not, Colts fans here on Stampedeblue have provided a much needed sense of humor with their spot-on and comical takes of blunder after blunder. It's one of the few bright spots during what have been otherwise painful Sunday afternoons. While you can read all of them in their entirety on the Colts-Jags open thread, here are a few of my favorites that sum up this dreadful season pretty well. 


On Joe Lefeged's (I think) decision to knee the opening kickoff in the end zone:

Yay! He took a knee! We're learning!

General Comment:

I wonder if doing the Colts commentary this year is a punishment of sorts for analysts...

General comment:

Remember 11 months ago when these two teams were playing for the playoffs and 1st place?

Following one of Painter's incompletions:

Colts SHOULD do that, but I bet Painter starts spreading the ball out here. First to the Jags defenders, then to the ground, maybe even to a Colt if we get lucky. 

General comment (first quarter):

So far this game looks like crap. Final score, 6-3 or some #$!@ score like that. This will be the only time I'll watch the CFL playoffs over a Colts game. 

On Jacob Lacey interfering with the punt returner:

Lacey. Hahahaha!! He was trying to finally tackle someone.

A commentary on the commentary:

Question: "Spiro and Steve" Who the hell are these guys?

Answer:The 0-9 team for CBS

General comments:

Gabbert and Painter lead the league in "girl hair"

After the game, Dave Matthews tour bus is picking up Painter and Gabbert to go on tour...

Response to commentary:

Painter is "fairly athletic" LOL

General comments:

Question: Run on 2nd and 27!!!? 

Answer: Gotta be conservative in a situation like that

General comments:

Thinking we should just hand off every play too. What’s the lowest number of passes ever in

an NFL game? These teams really need to try to break that.

General comments:


General comments:

Indianapolis needs a Lingerie Football team I’d pay money to watch that.


To see the rest go to the open-thread. Thanks for the humor and keep them coming! Makes watching more bearable. 

If you've got them an jokes, leave them here or send me an email. Maybe we'll compile the best Colts jokes for the end of the season.