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Please Welcome New Stampede Blue Writer Stew Blake

Greetings readers.

We interrupt the usual depressing news associated with the 2011 Indianapolis Colts to welcome a new writer here at Stampede Blue: Stew Blake.

Stew comes to us fresh-faced, wide-eyed, and full of energy. By the time we're done with him, he'll be a heavy-drinking, drug-addicted, Colts hater hell bent on getting Bill Polian and his sons FIRED! We'll make him wish he never bothered to look behind the veiled curtain and see how football teams really view and treat their fans.

Until we transform him into a cynical jerk who punches old ladies for giggles, we welcome his fresh perspective and optimistic view of the team. He's also a fine young writer and a good fella to chat football with.

Stew studies journalism at some college that he once told me, but that I now can't remember because I just woke up with a tequila hangover in a hotel room somewhere in Brooklyn. Don't know how I got here, but it does have free wifi!

Stew also used to blog for He'll be doing the Luke Links articles for us, along with college draft profiles. Please take a moment today to welcome him in the comments.