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Colts Sign Prince Miller, Dump Cody Glenn And Michael Toudouze

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Blair White suffered a knee injury this past Sunday against the Titans, and if we are to judge the signing of former Ravens and Lions punt returner Prince Miller as an indicator of White's status for this weekend against the Falcons, then things aren't looking good.

Nothing against Prince Miller, an undrafted player who made some news last season when he tweeted that he'd made the final 53-man roster in Baltimore only to have the Ravens cut him the next day, but the Colts special teams are a train wreck. It doesn't matter if they have Devin Hester wearing a homemade rocket pack back there fielding punts. The Colts simply don't have the talent to block on coverage. At least with White you knew the punt would get fielded cleanly. With this new kid, we don't know.

White's injury might also pave the way for Anthony Gonzalez to get some playing time. It seems clear Gonzo is in the Polian doghouse for some reason or other. Phil Wilson of the Indianapolis Star has suggested for two weeks that Gonzo said something the Polians didn't like, and thus they buried him on the depth chart. I guess this is more proof Jim Caldwell is a coach in name only.

The Colts also parted ways (again) with Michael Toudouze and Cody Glenn. The Toudouze move might be a sign that Anthony Castonzo is ready to return. Castonzo, out since the Tampa Bay loss with a foot injury, has started ligght practice again this week.

Colts also brought in center Greg Ryan for a workout yesterday. Ryan, like Miller, is another former Ravens cast-off.

After the jump, Prince Miller returning a punts.

Well, at the very least, he's faster than Blair White.