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Colts Sticking With Painter, In Full 'Suck 4 Luck' Mode

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Jim 'deadman walking' Caldwell decided to inform the media today that the Colts are opting to keep the third worst rated quarterback in the NFL behind center for the Colts. Curtis Painter, despite regressing quite rapidly in recent weeks, will get to keep his starting job even though it's been over a six weeks since he threw a meaningful touchdown pass.

All throughout the bye week, there was speculation that Painter would get bneched in favor of Dan Orlovsky. Painter was pulled in the fourth quarter of the Colts last game, a 17-3 yawner to the Jaguars on November 13th. Orlovsky (67) had almost as many yards passing on one drive in the fourth quarter of that game than Painter did in three quarters (94).

Obviously, Dan Orlovsky is not someone who is going to light up the scoreboard. But, we know what Curtis Painter is at this point. He stinks as an NFL QB, and he has no future with this organization. Why not try Orlovsky and see if he can spark something? Keeping Painter is just maintaining the same, silly formula that has the team at 0-10. Changing nothing means nothing will change. Why not give Orlovsky a shot? You're 0-10! What have you got to lose?

That is, unless, the Colts are clearly trying to lose games in order to lock up the No. 1 overall pick in 2012, which will be Stanford QB Andrew Luck. By not claiming Kyle Orton, who was let go by the Broncos yesterday, and by keeping Painter as the starter, it's pretty clear the Colts are in full 'Suck 4 Luck' mode.