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Happy Thanksgiving From Stampede Blue- Open Thread

It's been a rough year to be a Colts fan.

Really rough.

But, the agony associated with rooting for sports teams that suck really doesn't matter this time of year, not if you have family, friends, health, happiness, and good food to be thankful for.

Today, surround yourself with as many people as you love as possible, eat like a monarch, and enjoy a slate of football games that might be the best we've ever see on Turkey Day. I know I am going to be forced into watching the Packers v. Lions game mainly due to my father-in-law being in town. He's a rabid Pack fan, and has already given me the lectures on why the Pack have stayed good and why the Colts have sunk into the 8th level of hell.

I'm just glad he's here, along with his wife. I'm glad my spouse is healthy and happy. I'm glad the rest of my family back in Indiana (near 106th Street and Westfield Blvd.) are healthy and happy too.

Since I'm a vegetarian, we have no turkey for Turkey Day in our house. The menu consists of:

  • Pumpkin soup
  • Salad
  • Brussel sprouts
  • Stuffed mackerel
  • Marinated halibut steaks
  • Mixed root mash (potatoes, sweet potatoes, turnips)
  • Baked pears with goat cheese
  • A berry, apple pie

The beer on tap at the Wells house is Negra Modello. My wife and her dad love Mexico, and thus love Mexican beer. I like Modello, but am more partial to Brooklyn Lager or Bellhaven. Great beers.

Use this post as an open thread to post thoughts on the games, your Thanksgiving meals, or just random stuff in general. Have a safe and enjoyable holiday, everyone. And, Go Colts.