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Jim Irsay Says Indy Star's Bob Kravitz Is 'Full Of Barn Poop'

Not too long ago, Bob Kravitz wrote an article that was a pretty big indictment of the Colts front office, in particular Chris Polian, the team's general manager and eldest son of Colts vice chairman Bill Polian. The article, which was sourced by former Colts employees who had been pushed out the door in recent years due to Chris Polian, caught the ire of Pappa Bill. Following the Colts 31-7 blowout loss to the Falcons, Pappa Bill went on the radio and called Bob Kravitz and his sources 'rats who lie about people.'

Pappa Bill's angry and immature public comments seemed to get him in hot water with the team's owner, Jim Irsay, who used Twitter to take a not-so-subtle dig at Bill.

Yesterday, on Thanksgiving no less, Bob Kravitz published an new article stating the Colts were now intentionally losing games, and that it's time to 'clear the decks, jettison the front office and the coach and start over.'

Well, Jim Irsay didn't seem to like Bob's opinions and (you guessed it!) used Twitter to voice his opinions:

Turkey,family,NFLFootball! Kravitz is full of barn poop this morn,I'll aim below the waist on rink,shots2goal,on him;he's still my friend:)

Look, I'm a fan of Jim Irsay on Twitter. I think, overall, it's great! However, if Irsay is going to scold Bill Polian one minute for calling Bob Kravitz and others 'rats who lie about people,' and the next use Twitter to say Kravitz is effectively full of sh*t, that kind of sends a contradictory message.

It's for reasons like this that Jim Irsay really needs to shut his fat mouth and lay off Twitter for a while.

The team is 0-10, and fans are pissed off. Conveying nothing but abject disgust at the current state of his pitiful franchise is all Jim Irsay should be doing. Instead, he's on Twitter doing useless, silly little contests that make it seem like he's a-okay with his club potentially going 0-16.

All this does is undermine Irsay as a strong, credible owner, and it makes the franchise look like it's run by a bunch of rambunctious, sugared-up children who don't know how to handle themselves in the public spotlight.

I'll give Irsay credit for framing the Kravitz 'poop' tweet as a humorous dig. The 'aim below the waist' comment seems to reference Kravitz's love for hockey, and Irsay does say he had Kravitz are friends.

But still, enough already, Jimmy. Enough. The team is in the toilet. Shut up and do something about it.