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NFL Week 12 Picks: No Reason For Patriots To Lose At Philly

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It's after the bye week for the Indianapolis Colts, and from this point forward no team is off for the remainder of 2011.

Well, one could make an argument that the 0-10 have taken 2011 off completely, but we won't go there. Right now, we're just picking football games for NFL Week 12. Don't forget to submit your picks if you are part of Eric Miller's picks contest.

For me, this is straight-up who will win (aka, no spreads, cause I personally hate that sh*t):

Falcons over VIKINGS

BENGALS over Browns

Panthers over COLTS

JAGUARS over Texans

JETS over Bills

RAMS over Cardinals

TITANS over Buccaneers

RAIDERS over Bears

Redskins over SEAHAWKS

Patriots big over EAGLES

Broncos over CHARGERS

Steelers over CHIEFS

SAINTS over Giants