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Report: Peyton Manning 'Better Than 50% Chance' He Will Retire At Season's End

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Many are wondering if Peyton Manning getting upstaged by his 8-month-old son Marshall yesterday during a TV interview yesterday has the 14-year-verteran pondering retirement at season's end. Considering that, just four weeks ago, things did not look sound much improved in regards to Manning recovering from the spinal fusion surgery he went through in August, it is entirely possible that No. 18 could 'hang'em up' and focus on being a dad.

According to FOX Sports' Chris Myers, who was the TV play-by-play man yesterday for the Panthers 27-19 win over the Colts, he thinks Peyton is better than 50-50 on retirement. Ben Maller, FOX radio host, tweeted:

Fox's Chris Myers reporting on FSR, after speaking with Colts Peyton Manning in Indy, he feels better than 50% chance Manning retires.

Now, before everyone freaks out, note that this is Maller conveying Myers' thoughts on Manning after speaking to Manning. This is not Manning telling Myers he is pondering retirement.

However, the reality is that if Peyton is still not healthy, and if the Colts continue to lose (which they will), Peyton will likely consider retirement. As fans, we should prepare for that, because, right now, it is looking like the likely scenario.