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Luke Links: The 'Bill Belichick Is Your Daddy' Edition

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Reggie Wayne is like a fine wine, or something... Andrew Luck "shouldn't have to wait" for Manning... Bill Belichick is going to embarrass Bill Polian... and your Colts suck so bad, you're not allowed to watch them...

FROM THE SADDLE (official team news)

  • Reggie Wayne "answered the bell" on Sunday, but says the Colts are 'inconsistent'. Understatement of the year, Reg.
  • Fili Moala: "It’s all about winning here.  That’s the way it’s always been. That’s the way it’s always been everywhere I’ve been, and that’s especially true here. There is no such thing as moral victories."


APPLE PIE (SB Nation goodies)

With all of this talk about Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck, I think there is now a new top dog in the discussion of who will be the next Colts quarterback: Marshall Manning.

Suit him up! Even at the age of one, I bet he still throws a better game than Curtis Painter. His DNA is already legendary.

Just the video and look at the little bundle of awesomeness. It's hard to not think he just isn't a clone of Peyton. I mean, think about it for a second: Who knew about the birth of these so-called "Manning twins"? No one! How did they just pop up out of thin air and under the radar in this crazy media age? It's just too perfect. And to boot, now we keep hearing that Manning could be hanging up his cleats... Pshh, I'm not buying it. I know a cover-up when I see one and this is a cover-up!

Honestly, the only evidence you really need lies in the kid's forehead... CLONE!