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BREAKING: Colts Announce Dan Orlovsky To Start At New England Sunday

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Just another normal Tuesday in Indianapolis for the 0-11 Colts. In the same press conference that Colts Head Coach Jim Caldwell announced that Defensive Coordinator Larry Coyer has been fired, he also announced that QB Curtis Painter has been benched in favor of Dan Orlovsky for Sunday's game at New England. News came down from Indy Star's Phil B. Wilson:

coach Jim Caldwell announces Larry Coyer being relieved, then adds Dan Orlovsky will start at QB in place of Curtis Painter.

Why this wasn't done before the Bye week, giving Orlovsky two full weeks to prepare for probably the most winnable game left on the schedule is beyond me, but I'll take any sign of trying something new as a positive. It also means, barring injury, it's the last we'll see of CP7 taking snaps for the Colts. I don't see any way he makes the roster next year. He got half a season to prove himself, and it clearly didn't work. There's no guarantees Orlovsky will work either, but he absolutely must be given the chance

Orlovsky will now get his own opportunity to rewrite history, so to speak. He started seven games for the 0-16 Lions back in 2008, and will presumably get the final 5 weeks of 2011 to keep the Colts from suffering the same fate. Those are the only 7 games Orlovsky has started in his NFL career, but appeared for the Texans in one game last season, and has played in three of them for the Colts this year.