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ESPN: Peyton Manning Would Leave Colts 'Peacefully' If They Drafted Andrew Luck

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It's rare we get this much pre-game news about the Colts that has little or nothing to do with the game itself. But, with today's bombshell article from Bob Kravitz on Chris Polian and the reports from ESPN (via Laura Calaway at Coltzilla) that Peyton Manning would walk away (or be traded) from the Colts 'peacefully' if the team drafted Andrew Luck No. 1 overall in the 2012 NFL Draft, it's kind of crazy around here.

Here are Laura's Tweets from earlier this morning:

ESPN NFL Sunday Countdown: If took Luck, would believe Luck should start, so he (#18) would leave peacefully

ESPN NFL Sunday Countdown: Option on Manning is scheduled for March 8. Gives from March 5 to March 8 to trade him if they decide to

I personally didn't see this ESPN countdown segment, but Laura (who used to work with me here at Stampede Blue) is a strong source to follow on this.

Basically, according to the ESPN Countdown crew, they are confirming what Phil Simms said on Inside the NFL last week; the same Phil Simms Peyton Manning took a shot at in the media last week in an effort to debunk his assertion that Manning and Luck cannot coexist on the same Colts team.

Thus, if the Colts end the season with the worst record in the NFL, it is goodbye Peyton, healthy or not.

Lots to chew on there. Please do so until kick-off.