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NFL Week 9 Scores: Colts Blown Out By Falcons 31-7

If you're a #Suck4Luck fanatic, like Nate Dunlevy is slowly turning into, today made you smile. The Miami Dolphins were winless heading into Sunday, but decided they were not interested in losing anymore. They utterly dominated the Kansas City Chiefs in Arrowhead 31-3. With their win coupled with the effort Indianapolis put forth against Atlanta today, the Colts are now the unquestioned worst team in football.

Worst by, like, a whole friggin lot.

Today's game against the Falcons (a 31-7 loss at home in front of 60,000-plus fans) was over after the second play of the game. No, really. I'm serious. On the second play of the game, Colts runningback Delone Carter fumbled. Atlanta recovered, and they turned the early gift into a Michael Turner touchdown run.

7-0 Falcons. They never looked back.

Atlanta added to their lead with a couple of highlight plays from rookie receiver Julio Jones. If anything, this game will be viewed as his coming out party, not as the game that dropped Indy to 0-9. The last time they were this bad was (you guess it!) before Peyton Manning was drafted.

The happy plays for today mostly involved Donald Brown running well when the game was out of reach, and Jerraud Powers picking off Matt Ryan for a touchdown in the second quarter. But, if you paid money to watch two competitive football teams today, you kind of got ripped off.

The Colts have given up. They've been dominated in four straight games, and the players seem content to just get this season over with. Can't say I blame them. Fans have given up as well. Colts jerseys with 'Andrew Luck' on the back, along with banners, were visible in the Lucas Oil crowd today.

One really has to wonder if, after today, Jim Irsay is still 'committed' to Bill Polian and his son running this franchise.

The Vortex of Suck continues, good friends. Have a stiff one. I know I am.