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After Colts Blowout Loss To Falcons, Bill Polian Blasts 'Rats Who Lie About People'

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After the Colts 31-7 loss to the Falcons today in a game so embarrassing more Colts fans showed up wearing Andrew Luck jerseys, vice chairman Bill Polian went on the radio with Colts radio announcer Bob Lamey, as he normally does. At 0-9, you'd expect Bill Polian to be just a tad upset, and he was. However, more so than being upset at his players, coaches, and anyone else associated with this train wreck of the franchise, Bill Polian instead reserved his anger for nameless people he described as 'rats.'

Lamey set Polian up with a question along the lines, Everyone wants to give you advice and you'll get criticism. But, the team just needs to keep choppin wood, right?

Bill Polian responded with a 'yes,' but then went into a bit of a rant about how certain people who are critical are 'just rats.' 'Some people are just rats who lie about people.' Polian then went on to say that it's the job of the team to 'throw the rats in the sewer.'

The comments were odd. Entertaining, but still odd. However, when you consider that, earlier today, the Indianapolis Star's Bob Kravitz published an article citing several unnamed sources that pretty much body slammed the competence of team G.M. Chris Polian (Bill's son), then the 'rats' Bill referred to make sense.

To this supposed 45-year-old blogger who lives in his mother's basement, it sounded as if Bill, after a 31-7 blowout loss at home, was venting some anger at either Indianapolis Star columnist Bob Kravitz or his unnamed sources (or both).

[UPDATE]: Bob Kravitz responds, via Twitter:

Just heard about Polian's postgame -- dunno if he was referring to me as a rat or my sources -- or both -- i've been called worse

While Kravitz did not name his sources, he did mention they were former employees with non-disclosure agreements. Bill Polian is not dumb. Though unnamed, he knows exactly who those people are. Those mentioned in the Kravitz article as having been pushed out the door due to Chris Polian are former personnel consultant Dom Anile, former offensive coordinator Tom Moore, former RB coach Gene Huey, former director of college scouting Mike Butler, former coordinator of player personnel John Becker, former offensive line coach Howard Mudd, and former scouts Ryan Cavanaugh, David Caldwell, Paul Roell, & Tom Gamble.

So, it's a safe bet a few or all of those men are Bob's unnamed sources. It's also a pretty safe bet to assume that when Bill Polian was ranting about 'rats' following the lose today, he was referring to Kravitz and-or his sources.

Polian went on to talk about how he is 'indebted' to the fans, and that 'only a few fans that are negative.' According to Polian, the vast majority of Colts fans are still positive and rooting for the team (as if fans who are booing and wearing Andrew Luck jerseys aren't, or something like that). Polian's dismissive comment aimed at upset, 'negative' fans really seemed to rub Collin McCollough of Bleacher Report the wrong way.

As the losing continues, the chickens (or rats) are coming home to roast for the Polians. This is what happens when you treat people (media and team employees alike) like dirt for over a decade.