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Recap Of The Bill Polian Show: Week 9, 2011

After Bill Polian's meltdown on the radio following the Colts now-infamous handling of the Week Sixteen game against the New York Jets in 2009, the Colts have blocked the call-in radio program named 'The Bill Polian Show' from Internet listeners. This show features Colts vice chairman Bill Polian, and it allows regular Colts fans to call-in and ask him questions which he, frequently, gets annoyed answering. It is the only Colts content that is not streamed live on the net. Thus, because Colts fans outside the Indianapolis area cannot listen in on the show, we provide highlights from the program, which often include Bill Polian saying things he later claims he did not say. However, since the Colts and Mr. Polian do not provide fans or media with recordings of the show, you'll just have to take our word that what we write below is indeed what Mr. Polian actually said. Hope you enjoy.

Stampede Blue live-tweets the highlights while the show is happening.You can follow Stampede Blue on Twitter at @stampedeblue.

Last night, i thought my weekly torment of having to live-tweet Bill Polian inane ramblings was finished. As the clock stuck 6:00 p.m. Eastern and the rusty, gravel-grinding sound that is Bob Lamey's voice on a Monday night said 'Welcome to the Bill Polian Show,' I started getting tweets from followers that the local Indianapolis radio station that presents the show was once again live-streaming it on their website. I went to the site, hit the 'listen live' button, and low-and-behold I could hear Bob and Bill through my headphones.

EUREKA! The Colts don't hate their out-of-state fans anymore!

I then started tweeting that the show was online once again, and that people didn't need to waste their time reading my silly tweets.

However, about fifteen minutes after I tweeted the show was streaming, the Colts decided to keep hating on fans who don't live in Indianapolis and cut the feed once again. This might be a radical, almost INSANE thought (even for me), but you'd think that after embarrassing themselves, the city, and their fans with this unprecedented 0-9 stinker of a season, the Colts might stop being jerks to the point that they would re-stream Bill's radio show of out-of-state fans, or what few they have left.

Crazy thought, I know. It would also save me from having to do this every Monday.

Oh, who am I kidding? I'd do it anyway. I LOVE listening to Bill Polian bullsh*t me and other listeners. Here's the B.S. from B.P.'s show last night:

  • Bill Polian started out the show by saying, 'I'd like to thank the fans.' He then went on to praise their loyalty.
  • Polian: Colts played 'pretty darn good defense,' but the group has been on the field for far too long. He indicated that this was the reason the defense has broken down recently.
  • Bill said Curtis Painter was not 'on' against the Falcons.
  • After talking about Painter, Polian decided to shift the focus of his show to talk about some kind of charity work. The work involved a raffle, and Polian had (I'm assuming) the head of the charity group go on the air and name the winners of this raffle. It was bizarre and a waste of time. In short, vintage Bill Polian. The fake Twitter handle RealFakeBillPolian summed it up best: After only 6 mins of game reflection, thought it was the perfect time to review my charitable contributions.
  • When they got to the callers, someone asked Bill about fans at Sundays games wearing Andrew Luck jerseys. Polian answered that he is grateful to fans who are supportive. Polian then talked about how is an underclassman and, per league rules, Bill cannot discuss Luck with the public. This was odd because Bill's boss, Jim Irsay, spoke with the media about Andrew Luck last month and the NFL said that such talk was OK to do despite Luck's status in college as a underclassman.
  • Polian, on the fans wearing Luck jerseys: 'Anyone can wear any kind of jersey they want. It's a free country.'
  • A caller asked about Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis getting older. Polian responded by saying it's time to start looking at replacements for them. Polian did add that he is proud of both players and praised their effort and leadership this year.
  • Caller asked about how the Colts seem to not make adjustments in-game. Polian responded by saying the Colts place a point of emphasis on scoring on first drive after first half (in other words, he really didn't answer the question).
  • A caller asked about the franchise's decision to rest starters in 2009 and at what point do the Colts essentially tank 2011. Polian reiterated the same crap he's been saying for years about why they sat starters in 2009. 'Nothing left to play for' that year at that time. He then made it a point to say that, though the Colts are clearly out of playoff contention, there IS still something to play for, such as 'pride.' He emphasized it was important to give effort 'when it counts,' and that even though the Colts are 0-9, these games still count.
  • Polian: Anyone who tanks is not a professional.
  • Bill also said there is a difference between telling a player to not give 100% effort and benching a player to avoid injury.
  • A caller named 'Brad' got on the air (no, it was not me), and he decided to read off the Colts defensive rankings for the last six years or so. He then hilariously suggested that it might be, you know, smart to get some defense. Polian answered him by saying that the Colts Tampa-2 defense is built to be tops in takeways, sacks, points allowed, and red zone conversions. He also said that giving up 5-7 yards a pass play over the middle is just the way the Tampa-2 is. He then went into his schitck of how the problems are technique, and that the Tampa-2 is 'not an Xs and Os defense.'
  • A caller managed to get through the screening process and ask Bill about his 'rats' comments relating to Bob Kravitz. Polian said he doesn't read anything written locally about the Colts and that the comment was not aimed at Kravitz. Bill then tried to prove that Dom Anile and Tom Moore couldn't possibly be mad at him or the Colts.
  • Polian: 'I'll just stand on my record, and move on.'
  • Polian rambled about how the media creates incorrect 'snapshots' of the world.
  • Polian once again catered to fans after trashing the media. 'The fans have done their job. We haven't done ours.'
  • A caller asking about Curtis Painter's comments after the loss to the Falcons. He said he was 'missing on some details.' Caller asked why details are being missed nine weeks into the season. Polian responded that Curtis' comments fall under the 'take care of little things, big things take care of themselves' mantra.

Thanks to all those who followed along last night. You can follow along too @stampedeblue. Phil Wilson also is now doing live coverage of The Bill Polian Show. Check the Indy Star website and @pwilson24 for details.