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Calm Down With The Silly 'Albert Haynesworth Was Cut' Story


Listen folks, celebrating the Patriots cutting Albert Haynesworth as some kind of 'proof' that signing free agents is TEH SATAN! is just going to make you look silly and make me waste time making you look silly.

For starters, the whole reason the Pats made the trade for the disgruntled and orca-shaped defensive star was because Haynesworth was a low risk, high reward player they could add into their defensive rotation. Bill Belichick was switching New England from a 3-4 to a 4-3 during training camp this year, and Hayensworth is the best 4-3 DT in football when he's motivated and healthy. To get him, all NE had to give up was a 5th round pick in 2013.

Essentially, they gave up nothing to get a guy who cost virtually nothing and who they could cut at any time should he not produce on the field. Low risk, high reward. Here's what I wrote way back on July 28th (which seems like 40 years ago):

A note to Chris Polian and the Colts front office: These are the moves championship-caliber teams make to stay at a high level. As currently constructed, the 2011 Colts cannot beat this Patriots team. You need to start making moves, or you are going to have to deal with some testy fans in Indianapolis this year.

I mean, seriously. All it took to get this guy was a fifth-rounder in 2013. (shakes head at futility of Colts front office)

The Colts travel to New England to face the Patriots December 4th.

Thee months later, the Colts are 0-9, and the Patriots are 5-3.

Haynesworth did nothing to hurt the Patriots in the win column, and they don't owe him any big payday after jettisoning him today.

Again, as is often said around here by schmucks like me, building a team with free agents as the core is not wise. Augmenting an already established core of players with a few key free agents is smart, especially if those free agents are low risk, high reward.

Railing against free agency in general is utter silliness. If you still want to rail and rant, fine. Whatever. The same group of you who are cheering Haynesworth's waiving now were all excited and bouncing around like coked-up kittens back in August when the Colts got Tommie Harris via free agency... only to cut him a month later.

Oh, and the Colts are still winless. Just FYI.