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Colts Cut Dan Muir After He Visits Veterans Hospital

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Classy move, Chris Polian.

So Dan Muir spends his off day at the VA hospital for the and gets cut later in the day? Ouch.

I'm obviously not going to get bent out of shape over Daniel Muir being cut for the simple reason that, right now, he isn't a very good defensive tackle. However, from the few times I've met with him, Dan Muir is a very good guy, and the fact that he was willing to represent the Colts at an event at a veterans hospital (likely part of the NFL's initiatives to recognize vets prior to Veterans Day this Friday) further tags Dan as a good dude.

Chris Polian and the Colts front office? Eh, not such good people.

Again, this is yet another example of the Colts internal staff not working together. P.R. seemed to have Muir slated to do some outreach work on his off day at the hospital. It might have been a good idea if the friggin' football ops folks had informed them of the possibility that Muir would be cut. This way, the Colts don't look like cold-blooded a-holes for releasing a good guy like Muir a few hours after he represented the team at a pretty key P.R. event.

Bet those vets at the hospital feel real special now knowing the Colts player who came to say hello to them was unemployed later in the day.

The Colts waiving Muir also seemed to tick off Robert Mathis:

So my friend n teammate calls n tells me he has been released..... !

When former Colts employees are telling the Indianapolis Star's Bob Kravitz that West 56th Street is a 'toxic environment,' examples like this only reinforce that narrative.

I'll always be a Colts fan. But, it's really hard to root for this team when they do things like this. I understand football is a business, but use some friggin tact! It just seems the Polians go out of their way to act like jerk-offs to everyone, not just media and fans.